Safety Applications for Seddon Range


Seddon Range is classified as a 1,000yd Non-Standard Gallery Range with a Limited Danger Area applied. As described in JSP 403 Vol 2 Chapter 2, page 9, “A Limited Danger Area (LDA) Range is an open range for which the design requirements are to capture shot so that any resultant ricochet remains within the Range Danger Area”. Seddon Range danger area extends from the furthest firing mound to approximately the crest of the eastern hill feature behind the range. The current range danger area length has been reduced by the application of Comparison of Residual Energy Air Danger Height Dispensation, authorised by Weapon and Range Safety Branch NZDF, to maintain the full extension of the range danger area within NZDF property and the Southern Hills Reserve of the Upper Hutt City Council.  The following rules apply in order to maintain an LDA classification;

  • Bolts are not permitted in rifles except while on the firing point, the shooter and scorer must ensure the bolt is removed and that they can see down the barrel.  An Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) must be inserted before a rifle leaves the firing point.
  • Bolts must only be closed and opened when the rifle is on the shoulder pointed at the target.
  • Sight settings must be checked by a scorer before you start shooting.
  • While a red flag is displayed above the mantlet or on the mound all bolts must be opened and rifles unloaded.
  • If a misfire occurs the rifle’s bolt is to remain closed and the rifle kept pointing down the range for 30 seconds.  The CRO is to be advised immediately.  When the bolt is opened the rifles bullet port should be facing the ground
  • Seddon Range has a maximum Muzzle Energy (ME) level of 4500 joules and a maximum muzzle velocity of 1000 metres/second.
  • Unauthorised Ammunition.
  • Due to fire, excessive penetration, ricochet, backsplash and/or brass/case rupture hazards, the following ammunition is prohibited for use on Seddon Range:
  1. Any ammunition that exceeds either the MV or ME performance limitations above.
  2. Tracer,
  3. Armour piercing or penetrating,
  4. Incendiary,
  5. Lead-free, solids, monolithic or mono-metallic construction,
  6. Sabot/discarding jacket,
  7. Corroded, or
  8. Military Surplus.
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